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Name: DracoYuria
Location: Time and Space
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 18 Aug 2019
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I may wear a mask to hide my feelings but deep down, I know I'm being torn apart. I may be weak right now but I'm slowly getting stronger, each and everyday and I will fight destiny if I have to. I just want to help others that lose their way, in simple spells that brighten your day, to save others that share the same pain as I was but thanks to others that listen to me, I feel enlighten. Thank you, for everything. Hi everyone, I'm still a newbie in terms of magic but so far I'm still studying how and when to use magic. I'm also interested in herbs and spells that can protect my loved ones, sometimes I'm over-dramatic and impulsive(still working on how to manage myself). And the reason why I'm here because sometimes I sense something bad is going to happen to my family and it comes true, as well as some dreams that also came true.