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Name: Aveira
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 11 Aug 2018
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Personal Bio

Welcome, read my bio before mailing me.

My photo album is open for everyone.


Personal information outside spiritualism/witchcraft.

I'm 17 years old.

My behavior is pretty mature for my age even though I can be very silly but in this site I remain very serious.

I mostly spend my time at the gym because I am preparing for my career within the military and because I love working out.

There's a big chance I might become a psychologist which I am studying right now in High School.

I'll end up being one of them which I am very sure of.

I'm bisexual and taken by Vladimira.

I love animals, nature, horror and music.


Spiritual information

I'm a dark witch, native american and a demonolatress.

I consider myself as dark since 90% of my rituals are way more darker.

A/N: I feel like I have to write this down but I see many people playing with darker things because they either wanna see terrifying results or getting better ego. Please stop with this nonsense because you'll end up nothing but hurt. Don't play with things you know nothing about, It's more dangerous than you think. It's not cool being a darker spiritual person at all for ego , it's way more lit to be deep into something you're actually drawn to. I'm in this because I'm very very drawn to the dark.

Left Hand Path Practitioner.

I have been into the craft and spiritualism almost soon in 7 years and been practicing for almost 5 years.

I'm in a sisterhood/coven outside SpellsOfMagic with my beloved ones.

My Zodiac is Virgo and my element through my zodiac is Earth but to be honest everyone has all the elements but we may feel more connected to one of them.

My spirit animals are: Black Cobra, Fox, Eagle and Owl.

Agiel is my spiritual brother because we have been siblings in one of our past life,same with Vladimira.


Magick and Spirits.

I work with King Paimon, King Belial, Lucifer, Archangel Gabriel (My Guardian Angel), Anubis and Loki.

I'm practicing:

  • Candle Magick.
  • Sex Magick.
  • Blood Magick. - I use all kinds of DNA though.
  • Nature Magick.
  • Hoodoo.
  • Invocation.
  • Evocation.
  • Curses and Hexes.
  • Kitchen Witchery.
  • Demonolatry.
  • Divination.


Things to think about when it comes to mailing me.

  1. Don't bother asking me to teach you because I won't, I'm way to busy.
  2. Don't bother asking me how to become a mythical creature because you'll never succeed because it's legit impossible.
  3. Don't bother coming to me and tell me you're a God, son of a God, Demon etc. You're making a fool out of yourself.
  4. Don't bother asking me to cast spells for you, I will never do it for you because It'll be more powerful if you cast it yourself because I don't have your will which is important.
  5. No roleplay or anything like that, ew.

I will ofcourse:

  • Answer any kinds of questions.
  • Giving spiritual/magickal advice and possibly personal advices too.
  • Having magickal/spiritual discussion, I won't have any "normal" personal conversation until we're close enough for so.