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Name: Coolfire
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Beginner. I am interested most in the ways of the Green Witch / Herbalism / Hedge Witch. I am coming up on 28 years old. During my early 20's I discovered Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming. The issue however is that I could not do such things without the assistance of dissociative drugs, mainly DXM. The most intense Astral Projection was an out of body exp. that landed me into another persons conscious and felt their body plus thoughts. It was something I will never forget. I was sitting on the steps with my brother smoking tobacco, and out of no where I was floating above us. We were having a conversation I had no recollection of, yet knew all the answers to the questions we would ask each other before they were spoke. I can't say exactly where I was or how I got there , than I felt a suction or pull it was very extreme and I was driving a car now. In a hazy awareness I could tell this wasn't me it wasn't right. I felt as if I were sharing thoughts and could feel their senses, only very lightly on the sense of touch. I shot back to my own body fully aware that something just happened that was not normal. My brother gets this interesting look on his face and says "did you just have an out of body exp?" He must have felt it somehow to. (We were extremely close at the time.) I explained to him our conversation and he confirmed that he did indeed intend on talking with me about those subjects. I told him the answers I would say to what he would ask and than soon a dark green car will be driving past us playing loud music with dim lights possibly one out. And I counted it down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 "Vrooooom" as I held my hand up and looked in a different direction moving my hand with precision as to exactly where it was. Even though I knew it to be true and it was coming we both sat in awe. I've never exp. something to this caliber ever again. But I paid the price for these actions in the ways I induced them. UN-NATURALLY. I am a recovering drug addict coming up on 3 years sober. I am determined to learn more of these areas and others now that I feel confident in myself and away from chemicals. I was recently explaining these stories to my girlfriend. Turns out I learned a whole new reality about her this week. This is how I am here now today with you all. I am still studying up, but I know deep within I most identify with that of the Green Witch / Hedge Witch. My religion is Christian. After two days of dedicated study and practice I have now come to understand what is a BoS, and have made my first self approved sigil.(none blessed just coming to an understand of what it is and the open-minded thinking it requires.) I am dedicated to continuing the exploration of what is witch craft and fully welcome others input to further my learning ! :) I will not say that I am solely dedicated to just one type of spell work / magick. I completely welcome all of it even if I don't fully agree with some types. I've experienced enough of life's ups and downs to understand one key thing.. Ignorance is not bliss and knowledge is power in which you can use to change the world.