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My name is Henry, and I'm a baby witch trying to find my way on this winding and many forked path! Or something. I'm a highschool freshman, an ENTJ, I love love, nature, comic books, and dumb existential internet jokes. I love talking about music, comics, and spirituality! I would describe myself as a Pagan witch. My "matron deity" (although I hate that phrase in reference to me) would be Theia, Greek Titaness of shining sight! I am gay! This is important to me. I work with a lot of pop pantheon stuff, especially from the comic The Wicked + The Divine, because I love the way Kieron Gillen approaches divinity and deity in general. Literally as soon as I start to feel comfortable with you I will become wayyy less formal! I'm fictionkin, and it's a big part of my spirituality! Kind of a big deal. I work with prophetic songwriting, crystal magic, and sympathetic magic mostly! I also love love love healing magic, especially with herbs! I'm such a stereotypical Pisces, it's so wild. (Virgo Rising, Aries moon!) "Vox Populi, Vox Dei" - Alcuin