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Name: NorseWolfie
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~Greeting~ My name is Cheyenne. Nickname is Wolfie. My Religion is Norse Pagan. I Believe in life, death, rebirth, and also the Summerland. I'm 17 years of age, been studying the craft from age 8. I am Bi sexual. Don't bother asking me out, i have a Fiance. I am an Empath. Zodiac sign: Cancer Chinese Zodiac: Snake Elements: Water and Earth I am Native American of two tribes, Chippewa and Sioux. Spirit animal is Wolf. I have severe separation anxiety, seasonal affection disorder, OCD and bi polar. ~Studies~ Herbalism Crystal Magick Candle Magick Protection Magick Healing magick Scrying Conjuring Summoning Mythology Elemental Magick Grey Magick I study everything to be honest. I teach anyone who is willing to learn. I'm a friendly person to approach, so you can message me at anytime who like, if you're wanting to learn or if you simply want a friend to talk to. Blessed be )O( Merry meet, Merry part, and Merry meet again!!!