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Name: NorseWolfie
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Greetings. You may call me Wolfie, Cheyenne, or Yemene. I've been a Norse pagan ever since I was 10. I've studied the Craft for that long as well. I have taught many students all sorts of different crafts. Going from herbalism, crystal magick, candle magick, protection, healing, scrying, conjuring, summoning, mythology, elemental magick...a mix of everything really. So if anyone needs guidance I will surely give you of what I hold. I believe in life,death,rebirth. So I believe this is not my first life and may not be my last one either. I am an Empath. I am bi sexual. Favorite colour(s): Black, silver, red, blue, green Favorite movie(s): Suicide Squad, True Romance I like anime and read mangas. I like Tokyo ghoul and death note. Favorite animal(s): Wolf, Fox, Falcon, Horses, Penguins Music: Rap, metal, rock, oldies, pagan. Zodiac sign: Cancer Chinese zodiac: Snake Element: Water and Earth I play an Ibanez Guitar and write songs. Been in a small band but we drifted. I'm a native American with a wolf spirit. But as people describe me...eyes and personality of the wolf. Stealth and beauty of a fox. And care of a woodpecker. Very interesting, yes. I have seasonal affection disorder and severe separation anxiety. I am still learning how to deal with those things, but I am forced to push it rapidly and it's making it worse (seperation anxiety that is) ifyou wish to learn more about me, feel free to message me I am a happily married woman. So I will not allow any flirting, sexual chatting or pictures to be sent or received. I hope to have some respect upon that request. Blessed be )o(