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Name: Tahreh
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Hi! My name is Stephen!

I'm just a student in college exploring a new realm of knowledge. Any guidance is welcome and appreciated. I am relatively knew to the study and practice of magick, but have spent a fair portion of my life in the reading and studying of various myths/religions/belief systems and language both modern and ancient. My path of magick is a more spiritual path, focusing on strong meditation and visualization magick.

In another world, that of university, I write plays, design costumes, and study philosophy.

Areas of Expertise:

Mythologies, especially those of the Greeks, Egyptians, and Sumerians

Rudimentary understanding of older scripts such as Hieroglyphs and cuneiform

Comparative religion and philosophy (I have a basic outline concept of the world of beliefs and have looked at the ways in which they interconnect)

Current Studies



Tibetan Buddhism and Beliefs

I'm happy to talk to anyone about anything and I love to meet new people and learn!