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Name: Brax
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I have since a child had spirit encounters, in my early 20's I dabbled with the spirit companion rituals but naively it Was darker entities that later fed off my energy ,regularly leaving me exhausted ,attracted to me i was told because of my athletic nature being a personal trainer & since a youn age trained in martial arts , i have had contact by an agreement put to me by a zhar (medium ,chaneller, wizard ,druid,Celt linage) again naively thinking i could help beings/enterties with no heart chakra , the regular violation of my energies and constant deceptive techniques/technologies used to facilitate their objective was to prove a negatively impacting a dramatic drain , physical & spiritual , anyways Light workers of different dimensions as always provide positive aspects ,answers and perspectives on the above ,always holding an interest in the occult , Witches ,sex magic etc Witches whether in fiction or in reality have always Been attractive to me , sexy Witches continue to facinate me, i enjoy connect and contact with the feminine sexuality sexual energies experience experimentation and exploration of sex spirits etc A good sense of humour is inbuilt in my personality so i am able to see the humour in situations serious and the not so serious,,i look forward to interesting interactions more on /from the female side ,, i have an open mind a vivid and wild imagination and i am non judgemental and open to hear your thoughts,, wishing you the best in love & light ....