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Name: BlessedOnexx
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SORRY EVERYONE I HAVEN'T BEEN ON FOR A GOOD WHILE BECAUSE OF PERSONAL ISSUES Hello all. I've been on this site but forgetting my login stuff. I am Breanna. I can interpret dreams. Here is my kik if anyone needs one: elisejuvie98 I am a single mother of a 3 year old and 3 month old. I live in Sin City. I'm a Taurus. Spirit Animal: Wolf Element: Earth Nature Witch I love all and don't discriminate or judge. If you would like to know about me, please message me. I am not hateful or mean, unless you are to me. I do not roleplay. Would love to hear from you guys. !I DO NOT WANT A RELATIONSHIP! DO NOT HIT ON ME OR YOU WILL BE BLOCK!IF YOU WANT A RELATIONSHIP, GO ON TINDER FOR THAT! Root: Under-Active (-56%) Sacral: Open (56%) Navel: Active (6%) Heart: Open (31%) Throat: Open (62%) Third Eye: Open (44%) Crown: Open (38%) Blessed be.