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Name: ShigokuJ
Birthday: Apr 15
Location: Northeastern U. S. A.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 28 May 2018
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Hello you can call me J/Jo ... Into:alchemy and protection magick~so far I'm part gardnerian Sexual orientation: Bisexual~ I'm not taken so Hit Me Up Don't hurt any of my ibfs~bestfriend terbosius2,or big brother Crusher13/14 Thoroughly enjoys:drawing,talking,making new friends,making aesthetic vids Dislikes:rude people,and empty mailbox etc. Hair color:light brown with hints of dark brown Eye color:Brown with glints of hazel hmu wether im on or offline I don't bite...usually Original phrase:I don't taste the rainbow I am the rainbow~ Update(6/21/18) I'm back schools had me tied up with testing but I'm back my beloved ibfs so hmu and let's start talking again