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Name: AdachiShion
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Hello, my name is Shion, only my friends call me Adachi. I would love to get messages, as I have few friends, but then again that is expected of someone on a website like this I suppose * as a stereotype of course please do not take offence* ~Somewhere on the Neutral side of Morality~ ~Knowledge and Critical thinking is superior to your muscles~ I like Anime, but reading Manga has always been the better for me, I do roleplay often, but I'm very immersed in it, so please no asterix. I love the persona series, and firmly believe that the cognitive worlds in our minds are very real, we just can't assess them. I also do not find the Therian/ Otherkin term or community to be "Cringe" as the word is highly misinterpreted among fandoms and beliefs. If anyone knows how to make the perfect boyfriend, please let me know.