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Status about me: I'm here for research purposes, one can never have to many places for sources of information. Having said that. I'm not against socializing but if I'm messaging you I'm likely only studying you because human interaction and social behave is a interest of mine. Assisting people: I'm not against assisting people but I almost never do this. I'm extremely selective when it comes to helping people. Because usually it's a pain. Correction its always a pain but if I can I may assist. Current studies but not all added : Black mirror Runes Tasseography Fire Non denominational magic Criticism Aspects of Satanism Spell work Elements circles Rituals Sex & blood magic Psychics development Awakening clairvoyant abilities Advanced energy manipulation Telepathy Astral projection Lucid dreaming Meditation These are the few subjects I've dabbled in and continue to study and improve upon I'm definitely interested in learning more on religious elements and philosophical aspects of magic now as well as pantheons I believe I have a lot to learn yet in the occult and seek more knowledge and companions in the path. Finding good associates is always a assert Thank you for your time and blessed be