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Name: DanielleYost
Birthday: Jan 17 1984
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Female
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Hiya all names Danielle aka (STORMY). Im 34 a mommy with 4 boys ages 13, 8, and twins 6. My pratices are im a Spiritual adviser, medium ,firefighting, cosmetologist, vehicle mechanic, master Numerologist plus much more. My only quote to all is NEVER LET A STUMBLE IN THE ROAD BE THE END OF YOUR JOURNEY TREAT ME LIKE A QUEEN I'LL TREAT YOU LIKE A KING, PLAY ME LIKE A GAME AND ILL SHOW YOU HOW ITS PLAYED. O and aaaa I LOVE CLOWNS, WICKED ONES ESPICALLY. WHOOP! WHOOP. MMFWCL 4 LIFE.