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I believe fully in magic and the occult. I am not religious, but I do not begrudge anyone their religion as that is their choice to make. I am a friend of EvilJelsa, and I am a dancer, singer, and songwriter.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." - Winston Churchill

Psychically, I am...
A Medium (Connected To The Spirit World)
A Semi-Clairvoyant (Able To 'See' Clearly)
A Semi-Empath (Able To 'Feel' Clearly)
A Born Psychic (Excellent Psychic Abilities And A Gift Of Amazing Intuition)

Hearing: Sense with words, can percieve what I hear well and come to the right conclusions. May hear voices that speak to and guide me. Simple by nature (generally thinks in black and white and generally prefers the direct approach) and have very minor needs in life. Can hear warnings in my mind and can see through people who are lying. Focal point is just above both ears.
Knowing: Strength of knowing is difficult to develop but once it is, it is so deep and accurate that the truth will make me stand by whatever decisions I make. My mind races very fast and I am unusually perceptive. I have a sense of what is about to happen and am usually right about it. I do not hesitate and my focal point is my seventh chakra: Crown or Sahasrara.
Seeing: I have the gift of seeing things or visualizing. I can see issues, problems, and solutions all in my mind. I generally see what is wrong without having to be told. Very organized and planned.

Related To My Zodiac:

Planets and Points in The Signs
Ascendant in Leo 14 40' 24"

The Rising Sign (aka Ascendant) decodes the way we enter the Material World. Moreover, it gives hints on how we look and how others look at us. Leo Rising brings pride and good looks to you. It is nearly impossible to go unnoticed as you radiate an invisible light which makes everyone look at you. No matter what you do, your hair - or the absence of hair - creates and amazing result. There is something noble in the way you walk.

Sun in Libra 3 15' 49"

Libra is born in a World which is always unfair to them. Why? Because their crystal personality is always trying to find peace and perfection in a World which is not meant to be perfect. Libra is seeking balance in all aspects of their lives. They can thing multiple possibilities at the same time which is what makes them indecisive. They are hard workers and make great husbands and wives as they can really make many sacrifices for the ones they love. Music and Arts somehow run into their veins and pushes them to seek and create beauty in which they can live peacefully.

The seventh sign of the Zodiac governs the Kidneys and the Water balance in your body. It also governs the Skin and all Glands of the body. If you are Libra or you got major planets in Libra, your constant need to feel and achieve balance can cause headaches and anxiety disorder. All these symptoms might also be cause from your tendency to make peace with diverse tensions in your psyche.

Allergies and skin disorders are also very common in Libra as they are results of your emotional turbulences. Music may be the key to unblocking yourself and your repressed soul which longs for beauty and harmony. Yoga and energy-powering activities can benefit your body functions as well as your emotions helping you avoid depression too.

Moon in Capricorn 24 30' 01"

Our Lunar Sign reveals our innermost needs, how we express with our emotions, our habits, our reactions and our Magical Powers. Your Moon always pushes you to feel creative. Why does this happen? Because you feel that you can always lose everything. Was your mother too strict ? The truth is that you are amongst the most organized ones and you hardly ever fail. You are born conquerors and winners. You just need to trust yourself and move forward.

Lunar Capricorns can perform miracles when dealing with Wealth and Career spells. Lunar Capricorns have a natural ability to find ways to fulfill your goals and satisfy your ambition. You are also great when tapping into the Wisdom of their ancestors

Lunar Capricorns can succeed in most spells as the key to your magical powers is Determination. When you make up your mind for something you tend to achieve it!

Mercury in Libra 28 07' 29"

Our Mercury is Sign shows the way we think, the way we express our minds and the way we communicate and interact with others around us. You are a keen speaker, negotiator, diplomat and analysis all at the same time. Your brain is so strong it can actually solve all kinds of problems as long as you feel secure. This is your weak spot. Your need for reassurance. You have to develop more self-confidence in order to achieve more!

Venus in Virgo 6 21' 12"

Our Venus sign shows the way we love, reveals our social skills, our beauty & charisma, our charms, how we deal with romance and how capable we are to attract wealth or anything else we desire. A Venus in Virgo makes a person thrive and charm through work and service. Everyone seems to depend on your work. Moreover, you are likely to fall in love with people you work and get married. Furthermore, you love working and becoming creative. Healing and providing comfort is in your nature. However, you need to free yourself from self-criticism.

Mars in Capricorn 9 44' 27"

Mars sign reveals our drive and what motivates us, while it also shows our levels of energy, our impulses, our leading skills and how confident we feel. Mars here is stronger than usual giving you extreme amounts of (magical and vital) energy. You are ambitious, patient and organized. Your strategic skills are amazing and can bring you success in both personal and professional life. Any kinds of sports are favored as you are blessed with amazing stamina. Competitive sports and martial arts are also favored.

Jupiter in Cancer 13 30' 00"

Jupiter's position reveals in what part of our lives we receive most blessings, good luck and can achieve personal growth. It also shows how ethical we are and wether we are destined to meet or become great teachers. Jupiter here talks about emotional and material supplies from your heritage, your 'roots', your family and your house. You can gain wealth from investments, real estates, hotels, selling or fixing houses. Moreover, any kind of work which has to do with Water (sea, traveling, chemistry) is also favored.

Saturn in Gemini 14 58' 09"

Saturn reveals what we need to work with. Unlike Jupiter - who shows us our natural talents - Saturn's place is here to show us our life's obstacles and what we need to solve and/or surpass. This Saturn is responsible for these annoying mood swings. Your emotional status often looks like a roller coaster, always changing from high to low. Saturn in Gemini needs grounding in order to avoid superficial optimism and destructive pessimism. Something about your attitude can make people around you get irritated although you are extremely clever and you often come up with precious ideas.

Uranus in Aquarius 21 23' 19" Rx

Neptune in Aquarius 6 07' 16" Rx

Pluto in Sagittarius 12 50' 53"

Chiron in Sagittarius 23 33' 37"

Black Moon Lilith in Pisces 3 51' 37"

North Node in Cancer 1 52' 37" Rx

Part of Fortune in Aries 23 26' 13"

Vertex in Sagittarius 29 06' 40"

Midheaven in Taurus 6 42' 08"

Planets and Points in The Houses
Sun in Second House

Sun in Houses hints, where all your energy is focused. Sun in the second house shows a person who can focus on business and financial matters. You can be extremely creative and you love acquiring material goods and invest on real estate. On the other side you can become jealous and possessive with material goods and people.

Moon in Sixth House

The Moon in houses reveals the influence of our mother (and other powerful women in our life) our desires, our fear and wishes. The Moon in the sixth house shows a capable person who is irreplaceable in work. However a lack of self-esteem may drag you down, slowing your evolution.

Mercury in Third House

Mercury in houses reveals how we express ourselves in the more potent and successful way. It also reveals our mental abilities and our interests. Mercury in the 3rd house promise interesting people to be around you. Friends and close relatives inspire you. Your mental abilities are extremely power along with your communication skills. Telepathy seems to be your second nature which can also be developed.

Venus in First House

Venus in houses symbolizes the part of our life where Love, beauty, creation, attraction, luck, personal magnetism and bonding flourishes. Something about the way you look, walk and talk is so appealing. You've got charms that make others jealous. Because of this natural magnetism you are attracted by many people. You can hold a team together and make them creative.

Mars in Fifth House

The House where natal Mars dwells reveals the part of your life which makes you passionate and receives a great deal of energy. Mars in the fifth house makes you impulsive, reckless but also playful and flirty. You are a source of good energy as long as you find time to spend for yourself. You are risk taker and you love to gamble in life. Good luck is by your side but you must learn to build a secure and stable future for you.

Jupiter in Eleventh House

Jupiter in Houses reveals our talents and where Good Luck lies in our lives. It also shows were is more possible to succeed and which are our advantages. Jupiter in the 11th gives you good luck in socializing and attracting interesting people and wise teachers. Friends play a very important role in your life, being there when you need them and presenting you with opportunities which can help you evolve in all parts of your life. A helping hand is here.

NOTE: Since Jupiter is very close to the next house cusp, the next item is also relevant.

Jupiter in Twelfth House

Jupiter in Houses reveals our talents and where Good Luck lies in our lives. It also shows were is more possible to succeed and which are our advantages. Jupiter in the 12th house is strengthened. This is also called the 'Guardian Angel effect'. Good luck seems to save the day even at the last moment. However, his Good Luck does not seem to be that obvious. Positive way of thinking and a soothing emotional world can be a source of great power. Meditation, ground and a good sleep seem to be the perfect medication for most of your problems.

Saturn in Eleventh House

Saturn in houses reveals our insecurities and where we need to focus in order to soothe and work with our disadvantages. Saturn in the 11th house talks about challenged in your social relationships and disappointments with your friends. You seem to attract interesting yet difficult people who teach you valuable lessons about your life.

Uranus in Seventh House

Neptune in Sixth House

Pluto in Fourth House

Chiron in Fifth House

Black Moon Lilith in Seventh House

North Node in Eleventh House

Part of Fortune in Ninth House

Vertex in Fifth House

Sun Square Mars (orb 629')

Sun Trine Neptune (orb 251')

Sun Square North Node (orb 123')

Moon Square Mercury (orb 337')

Moon Quincunx North Node (orb 723')

Moon Square Part of Fortune (orb 14')

Mercury Trine Uranus (orb 644')

Mercury Square Neptune (orb 760')

Mercury Sextile Chiron (orb 434')

Mercury Trine North Node (orb 345')

Mercury Opposition Part of Fortune (orb 441')

Venus Trine Mars (orb 323')

Venus Sextile Jupiter (orb 79')

Venus Quincunx Neptune (orb 014')

Venus Square Pluto (orb 630')

Venus Sextile North Node (orb 429')

Mars Opposition Jupiter (orb 346')

Mars Quincunx Saturn (orb 514')

Mars Opposition North Node (orb 752')

Mars Quincunx Ascendant (orb 456')

Jupiter Quincunx Uranus (orb 753')

Jupiter Quincunx Neptune (orb 723')

Jupiter Quincunx Pluto (orb 039')

Saturn Trine Uranus (orb 625')

Saturn Opposition Pluto (orb 27')

Saturn Sextile Ascendant (orb 018')

Uranus Sextile Chiron (orb 210')

Uranus Sextile Part of Fortune (orb 23')

Uranus Opposition Ascendant (orb 643')

Neptune Sextile Pluto (orb 644')

Neptune Quincunx North Node (orb 415')

Pluto Trine Ascendant (orb 150')

Chiron Trine Part of Fortune (orb 07')