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Name: DreamaDawn13
Birthday: Dec 2 1969
Location: Richmond, Ky.
Gender: Female
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Hello all.. My name is Dreama. I'm new to this site and to magic as well. I'm here to learn, search for answers and figure out where I belong. I haven't done any spells nor do I have any specialties. So far, from my experience on here, I'm leaning more toward being a solitary witch. I want to get familiar with everything and take time to learn and find myself before joining any covens. If anyone wants to give advise, I'm more than willing to listen. If it's going to cost me money, sorry but that isn't going to happen. I'm a single woman that works to support myself and at times that can get rough. So if you are needing money to help me, you are wasting both of our times. Also, if you are trying to find a "hook up", that isn't going to happen either so don't message me unless you want to talk about magic. There are dating sites out there for that purpose. This is not a dating profile or dating site. So don't waste my time asking to see more pics of me. What I look like has nothing to do with magic. I am 47 years old. I've experienced a lot in those 47 years. I'm more than willing to friend anyone. I don't judge anyone on the path they chose. We all have free will and have the right to make our own decisions. I wish everyone a wonderful day/night