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Name: Stavekaster
Birthday: 1989
Location: Denmark
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I am a solitary electic wiccan living in Copenhagan, member of 'The Fellowsip of Isis' and 'The Brotherhood of Eternal Light'. Me and my family come from a devout Pagan background who followed the old germanic traditions tracing back to the Viking era. My interest in Wicca came through meeting a friend during my high school years who was a Wiccan. Which at the time I thought was rather humerous, until she showed me the basics of magick and her faith as a whole. And 15 years later I never looked back.

Currently undertaking my Priesthood training with the FOI as well as a course on the Kabbalah. I work primerily with the Goddess Freya as well as two other supplimentry deities, these other two being Brundr and Kocelinn, pulling her Chariot. One thing that I find very greatful for is the understanding of my family and community, unlike other more regimented faiths I was lucky not to be ostrisized for my conversion, or more over my incoperation of my Pagan practises into my Wiccan ones. And this is the beauty of this community as a whole, for we all come from different backgrounds, values and beleifs. Yet all hold that loving mutual respect for one another which is very special indeed.


  • AP
  • Sigils
  • Herbs
  • Potions
  • Wand Making
  • Ancient Languages


In my spare time I volunteer at a local equestrian therapy centre, after being a client there I fell head over heels for horses! I also enjoy a bit of larping, cooking, nature walks, horse riding and mountain expoditions.

Please note - I am here to learn just like everyone else. I do not claim to be a qualified teacher or hold any degrees. I am happy to help and give advice but it would be wrong to try to teach someone online, it really has to be done in person. So please do not message me with questions that can't be answered, turning into warewolves and childish nonesense like that. Because it simply cannot be done.

Recomended reading

Practical Thinking - Edward De Bono

Practical Magic - Alice Hoffman

Basic Sigil Magic - Phillip Cooper

Slow Time - Waverly Fitzgerald

The Secret of the Soul: Using Out-of-Body Experiences to Understand Our True Nature
By William Buhlman