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Name: Luciferangel
Location: my palace of sorts
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i offer knowledge but not wisdom, i offer teachings but not guidance, deals are open, your end will be met in any way if you fail to own up. in this life, or in another. message me formerly, as i am not to be trifled, i'm not one for small talk with useless waste, small talk leads to bigger events, in which, waste can never be a part of. my respect is given, but the moment you are disrespectful, it will be earned, and it won't be easy. mail is always open. I do not deal with pesky white rabbits, everyone has time. use it wisely if willing to communicate, it would be an unwise choice to waste mine. it will not end well. i don't give second chances to waste filled. and if you think for a second, that, I actually care. you're deeply mistaken. I'll be watching. intently. waiting for those intent on studying, learning, and above all. serving. i am not afraid, as you're not afraid. being the hand of death that slices through you. on my command. come, join me.

"I've been collecting pieces of your hair, to tuck away, in the locket that i wear. pretty strands that grew in your youth. pieces that I'll always hold on to."

mysteries upon mysteries. i will find your deepest pain. and i will play with it like its my favorite toy. my dark embrace seethes the most peaceful of circles and none shall be abandoned. infection at its greatest.

i am not one to fail, i'm the saturn gleaming through your eyes. the tough, kind teacher.

"when i get a little scared, of losing my teeth, and losing my hair, you say, don't be scared my friend. death is a beginning. not an end."

~ All the pets I've buried, just wanted you to know, sometimes its okay to let a good thing go. ~

~restlessness, leads to a, dangerous kind of fun~

~criss cross, apple sauce. spiders running up your back but, your arms around my neck, ill only go to sleep, for a second.~

I teach all, and only those dedicated, for i am the more then the forever student. silent energy is calm yet destructive. it wil be on you who discovers it.

" Why feed the fool food when you can make the fool steal for yourself "

~ louder then sirens, louder then bells, sweeter then heaven, and hotter then hell ~

~ i can be good, i can be true, you know i don't love anyone, but i, love you.~

i am the apple in all your edens eye. you all will obey. your life is mine. your soul is mine. and even greater, if you wish to expel it into my soul jar.

Lemonade is such a dirty word. toxic. intoxicating. destructive. yet calm, quiet. Bubbly. motionless. i'm the lemonade coursing through your body. through your eye of the storm.

~ you hang. in all your darkness and death. it is here. where i hide you. never to be found. hanging like a puppet rag doll. Captured in a slow motion picture still ~

~i'm beautiful and bad, and i'll destroy everything you have.~

~ take you upstairs, to the swan bed, let you fuck me, Hard as you can~

~ The pleasures of life and love, can only be explored, by one's heart. as dark and hollow it may be ~

i watch the work of my kin bold and boyful
Toying somewhere between love and abuse
the wretched and joyful calling to join me

may the insane create there circuses of supreme acts, of laughter, and of morbid descriptions of flair and fertile.