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Name: Luciferangel
Location: upon worlds and realities
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Last Seen: Tue, 13 Nov 2018
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i offer knowledge but not wisdom, i offer teachings but not guidance, deals are open, your end will be met in any way if you fail to own up. in this life, or in another. message me formerly, as i am not to be trifled, i'm not one for small talk with useless waste, small talk leads to bigger events, in which, waste can never be a part of. my respect is given, but the moment you are disrespectful, it will be earned, and it won't be easy. mail is always open. I do not deal with pesky white rabbits, everyone has time. use it wisely if willing to communicate, it would be an unwise choice to waste mine. it will not end well. i don't give second chances to waste filled. and if you think for a second, that, I actually care. you're deeply mistaken. I'll be watching.