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Name: Luciferangel
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i offer knowledge but not wisdom, i offer teachings but not guidance, i will give you what you want, but for a price. a big price. a very big price,(for big and unreasonable requests). message me formerly, as i am not to be trifled, explain what you need and offer something to the plate. offer something you can give, or deal with whatever comes. mail is always open. I do not deal with pesky white rabbits, even the thought of wasting my time will prove to be a bit painful. liars are prohibited and will be dealt with, and we all know what happens if someone doesn't offer up their end of the deal now don't we. completely devote yourself to me and ill make your life more then it can ever be possible. but nothing comes without consequence and pain. to those who don't reply back within 4 hours will be unheard of and there request forgotten. communication is key as I will not wait unless you prove yourself worthy.