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Name: Pok0555
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Life is sad, depressing and unfair to a lot of people, in their eyes, the world is nothing but an ocean, an almost neverending one and they are the one who is drowning in it. They tried to escape but they couldn't, they are being pulled down deeper by chains tied to their legs. There are 3 chains, one is called "money", one is called "relationship", the last one is called "health". Each of these chains has a lock, a lock that could only be opened with drugs and alcohol. But to others, occultism is the key that broke their chains, allowing them to swim up to the surface and survive. Occultism helps them forget their struggles in life, it gives them hope, hopes that the world is a better place. Occultism is all about belief, as long as you believe something is real no matter how impossible it is to exist, it became real in your world. Spells only work if you believe in them, it'll only help you change your life if you believe that it will. About me: - I like anime, manga, games, and kpop. - I only do black magic, cause they're more interesting. - I have the ability to read people's mind. - I'm an agnostic