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My name is Ali and I am a newcomer in magick(4 years of study). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I practice and learn the following things at the moment: Herbs Black Magick White Magick Astral Projection Tarot Reading Meditation I'm not sure where my magic journey will exacty lead me ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Now some personal stuff about me: Metalhead (Heavy, psychedelic, alternative metal) If you have any questions (about my magic work, me personal or just say hello) just feel free to message me! But please put always a subject on your messages! :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- chakra test results Root: open (6%) Sacral: under-active (-38%) Navel: open (6%) Heart: under-active (-38%) Throat: open (6%) Third Eye: over-active (62%) Crown: open (19%) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not teach on-line students because im not that much experienced . However, I am always willing to try to answer specific questions if I can.I cant cast spells for you. but i can give you the spell to cast it yourself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people on here are important to me, hurt them and i'll hurt you!