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Name: Zazabeth
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I call myself an Eclectic Pagan, ive been practicing Witchcraft since the late 90's I was a member and Admin (of the forum) at Magicka School for many years, I also mentored the Kabbalah group there. I was known as Elia V on that site. I love to do art work, make pendulums, bookmarks, and of course its always in a Witchy theme. I'm out of the broom closet, I decided a long time ago I needed to follow my true self, one must if they wish to grow, to thy own self be true. Ive been divorced a little over a year now from a 22 year marriage, and rather like my independence. I am very much into the Paranormal, it's almost an obsession with me, I'm either reading about it or watching it on TV. I was in a Ghost hunting group many years ago. My favorite message to anyone "Always do the right thing even if nobody is looking" Blessings to all