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Name: Darkie1
Birthday: Aug 22 2002
Location: walking around in the dark, with a knife, humming a lullaby...hehe
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 18 May 2018
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Hiya,welcome to my profile,please don't be rude if u ever be mean to me i'll be mean back This is my fifth account. Anyway things about me: name: wont tell or i will if i trust ya, just call me darkie eye colour: dark brown it looks like black hair colour: dark brown likes: anime, watching horror movies, listening to music, rp dislikes: bullies, threats, liars, catfish: if u are one dont talk to me!! favourite music: got lots but mostly halsey-colors favourite band: the birthday massacre, in this moment, blackbrier and more favourite horror movies: lights out, annabel, mirrors, saw...forgot some zodiac sign: leo element: fire beast_ is my big bro, meepcastano/ Skycastano1 is my little sis so is shirley and hayley (scarleteyes) Feel free to talk to me any time, i like meeting new people and making friends so hit me up ;) I don't bite, not hard anyway hehe stalk ya later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blue=i want a second chance Yellow=you're cute Green=i want a kiss Purple=i will die for you Red=i want you to kiss me Pink=let's cuddle Rainbow=i want you in my bed Orange=i owe you a kiss Black=i want a hug Teal=i really like you White=i'm crushing on you Brown=i love you. Crimson=die Blood red=come to the back room ;) Turquoise=i don't like you Aqua=i hate you Gold=lets be friends Silver=you're my enemy Grey =i think i'm falling in love with you Magenta =Be mine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~