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Name: Lt1stone
Birthday: Nov 15 1960
Location: Northern Oklahoma
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 06 Dec 2019
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I am recently separated which is going to be permanent. I am also an evening born Scorpio middle of November and, a Male Witch, a Treasure Hunter, Dowser, Diviner. I use rods, forked branches (it doesn't matter what kind of tree or bush it is from, it all works for me) and pendulums. I can't wear a watch or cell phone since I run the batteries down or magnetize it. Dowsing (Witching) has been on both sides of the family for many generations and I believe I'm the only one left that can do it. The rest either haven't tried or too scared to. My Great-grandpa checked me when I was about 6 when my watch I got for my birthday in mid-November quit and I asked for a new one. I'm also susceptible (sensitive too) to the paranormal also. I use a lot of crystals and herbs in the practicing of magic from casting to divining. I also believe when a lot is done is during the different moon phases as well.