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Name: Qu1etThought
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Hello again! I'm Zack, please do not call me quiet, or thought, the name has worn out it?s welcome on me to be honest haha As some may know. I'm a straight 15 year old Canadian who is blonde, with green eyes, Used to be rather skinny (I exercise more now and can do 50 push-ups! *applause*, and 5'8. There's a photo of me or two in the ol' album, just not as my pfp, because I don?t want it to be the first thing people see of me. Currently studying mythology, mainly Loki, looking to other little things too on the side. About me: - I like talking politics and philosophy. - I love classic and award-winning films. Citizen Kane and Raging Bull sort of stuff. - I love Stephen King novels. - I listen to mainly Blues, and Classic Rock. (Bowie, Pink Floyd, Son House, John Hiatt, Lyle Lovett, Nick Lowe, The Clash, Joe Jackson). Oh and Randy Newman. Easily! - I love life very much, so if you need help, message me, but don't go about trying to make mine sadder please. If you want to message me for help, go ahead! I'll do my best no matter what, and if I can't, I'll point you to something that can. Or just message me for fun, but do try more than a simple hi how are you. Maybe a question you want to ask? Or a comment! Does the hat in my album look stupid? Do I MYSELF look stupid? Ugly? How DO I look? More the last one. Whatever comment! Anyways, I look forward to talking, and have a great day! Open to conversations about most things, as long as there's some base to it.