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Name: nightmare87
Birthday: Sep 21 2000
Location: Unknown
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Hi my name is nightmare87, night for short. Now given the facts, I am mortal, meaning I am human. But being able to connect with spirits does not mean I am not human. Frankly I do not know if being able to connect with spirits means that I am not human. I have collected some stones and crystals, rocks and crystal fascinate me. I am a novice Yu-Gi-Oh duelist. I have an over active imagination. I am a worrier, cause I worry about a lot of different things. I can hear, feel, and see things that deal with spirits. Please do not ask me about what I have heard and or seen. And on top of that, do not, I repeat, do not mail me on asking how to find malicious sadistic evil spirits. Cause I do not want to help those who are seeking spririts to get scared for fun. Added my imagination can get the best of me sometimes. Meaning sometimes I can not tell reality from fantasy. One of the things I want to do is make a Lightsworn Deck. I now know what to believe about my self, and this contradicts the statement of me being mortal/human. I believe that I’m a Reincarnated Hybrid now. Though I’m not good at using magic on myself. But I haven’t tried to use magic on someone other then myself. My Favorite Millennium Item from Yu-Gi-Oh is the Millennium Key.