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Name: LigaGosnih
Birthday: Apr 9 1991
Location: Winston-Salem, NC, USA
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Everyone wants some god's forgiveness. If there is/are gods, they should be begging humanity for forgiveness.

A bit about me:

My name means White Wing Butterfly. It's my totem. It can also be translated to spirit butterfly. White represents transition between life and death. It's just what we call moths. My totem is essentially a moth. It represents who I am. I live in darkness, yet yearn for light. Even if that light ultimately burns me in the end.

I am twenty-six years old. I'm Half-Apache (From the Chiricahua Tribe)/Half-European mixture (Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch, British, Sicilian, Turkish.)

I am a Demonolator, and do not work with, venerate, praise, or worship any other sorts of deities.

I have been practicing since the age of eleven, in my culture spirit work is the norm, and therefore I was introduced to it early on. As I grew older I learned that outside of indigenous culture, that sort of thing is viewed either with disbelief, or as a taboo, but my thirst for knowledge of new and interesting spirits to work with lead me into various cultures with similar yet vastly different norms in regard to magic and spirits.

I am by and large a skeptic and will quickly point out your false claims as such. Use of magic and spirit work have relative results, and I will not accuse your different experience from mine as being untrue, though in all honesty I will be thinking it more times than not. However certain claims are blatant lies, and I will not hesitate to say so.

I keep handwritten journals of spirits I work with, and, upon request will type them out and send or post them. I occasionally do the same when experimenting with magic. Keep in mind these journals do not give any details on how to cast, conjure, bind, etc. Only detailed accounts of their nature.

My works:

  • Spirit Work
  • Wards
  • Binding
  • Conjuration
  • "Dark/Black Arts/Magic"
  • Blood Magic
  • Generally, "Left-Hand" Path
  • Trance Work

I don't limit myself to any of the above works, those are just my most frequent.

Spirits/Entities I currently work with:

  • A Marid Djinn
  • An obnoxious Fae
  • Asmodeus

Spirits/Entities I have worked with:

  • Demons
  • Angels
  • Spirits of the Departed
  • Various Astral beings

I work with any and everything given the chance. In regard to demons and angels, they are nothing like fantasy and delusion would have them appear. They aren't feather-winged beauties or horned tailed, hoofed yet still human shaped red and black fellows. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though Angels rarely show themselves directly at all, rather show up as colors and strange songs.

What I'm willing to do:

  • Offer advice.
  • Guide where needed.
  • Educate on spiritual beings.
  • Occasionally give small gifts to those with potential.

What I am unwilling to do:

  • Believe/humor your delusions or lies.
  • Tell you how to conjure, bind, or otherwise contact a spirit.
  • Send a spirit your way.
  • Cast a spell for you.
  • Role play.

A bit about my personal life:

I'm currently attending College, majoring in Communications. I serve the college as the Public Information Officer, distributing literature, managing Social Media, maintaining an ongoing engagment between the college and its students, organizing events, issuing Student IDs, etc.

I'm the equivalent of a Black Belt in Muay Thai (called a Kru if you're wondering), a second degree Black Belt in Kempo, and am currently learning Wing Tsun. I also know small amount of Capoeira for whatever it's worth.