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Name: WolfPackLord
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I'm 17, about to be 18. I live in California. I'm Wiccan. I believe that magic is nothing more than influencing the very forces that created and are us. I believe in demons, I'm not too sure about angels. I love nature. I have a deep interest in demonology and necromancy. Please teach me what you can, if you want to learn the few things i know, then all you need is to ask. I'm friendly and i love wolves, vampires and demons. I probably won't believe anyone who tries to say they are an angel or know someone who is one simply because i have never seen one.
I am Lokian.
I want to learn about summoning, necromancy and as much as I can learn of anything.
I am going to start a pack soon after some worldly problems are resolved, don't ask yet, I will update this when it is all done.
I am also SOMETHING else I may not want to talk about to many people so if the reason you message me is because you would like to know, then don't bother. I will only tell people I've met in person