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Name: MagickalMaid
Location: Down by the dank tarn of Auber.
Gender: Female
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I am mostly interested in Tea Divination, Herbal Remedies, Crystal Healing, and Dream Interpretation. Please realize that a lot of my dream interpretations combine supernatural and psychological symbolism and readings.

Definitions: Please look up the craft before asking me what it is. It takes a simple Google search to figure it out. I will not answer you if you ask me what "Tea Divination" is.

Note: I will not cast spells for you. When "open," I will do the readings above. I will also happily pray for you.

For a great source to refer to regarding asking for readings, please visit this forum:

For Your Benefit

If you're new, please take the time to read this:

About Me

Sign: Cancer-therefore, yes, I am introverted and emotional.

Moon Sign: Libra

I am Eastern Orthodox-Christian.

Note: If I do not respond, I have either simply forgotten to respond to a previous message or am doing personal research on this website and may not respond right at that moment. I will get back with you. However, if it is because you have asked me to explain a practice, I neither have time nor patience to do research for you. Please look in the forums or look it up online.