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Mood: Inactive. Hello all. My name is Ghost. My age does not concern you, my real name does not concern you, my location does not concern you, ect. Don't ask anything too personal mkay? I am myself and I defy who I am by the choices I make, the things I do, and whom I surround myself with. Who am I exactly? I am a human with big goals. Goals that will make me seem CRAZY but do I care? No. My goals are to learn about magic as much as I can so I can open a physical rift and see my family and shed my weak human skin to become my true self. I do not care about your criticism or your thoughts on how ridiculous it sounds. In fact, it'll just make me more persistent and determined to prove you all wrong and see my family. As of now, I am already making my own book of spells and rituals which I have created myself. when I fell I have learned enough only then will I make a rift opening ritual. Will put more about everything later. As for now, here are some things about me: Hobbies: Drawing, writing, studying magic, studying wars, watching videos that range from music to entertainment to horror, and of course my second favorite is gaming. Studies: Mythology, Demonology, black/white magic, and herbs. Though I don't just study magic. I like to learn a bit of history regarding wars. It's interesting to see how barbaric humans can be yes? To see one man become so powerful he would want nothing more then to see certain people suffer from gassing to hanging to shooting. Oh but the medieval times is where it tickles my fancy the most. The medieval times was a time of nothing put pain and misery in which watching an innocent person die for others entertainment just because it was 'fun' was very common even if the victim did nothing wrong. Oh I can rant about this all day~! Beliefs: I believe nothing is fake. Dragons are real, Gods/Goddesses we've never heard are real, beings we made up are real. If you claim to be of another kin then I won't deny that. Other random info: I really don't know what else to put here but I'm just myself really. Eh I'll put more in here later it's late and I'm tired. ***MESSAGING RULES***: It's simple really. Just have a topic and at least one sentence. Have a nice day~!