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Welcome. Names: Jennifer (call me Jinx/Jinxi). Age: 24. Into: Spells, nature, herbs, teas, meditation, healing, astro projection, pictures and physical (more into verbal and facial) reading, energy manipulation, protection, visualization...etc. Horoscope/Zodiac sign: Cancer. 3rd eye: 75% open. Spirit animal: Fox. Knowledge: know alot but still researching. I love: Magic/Magick, as for it's not white or black. It all depends on how it's used and manifested. Religion: Don't have one, but I do believe in all the God's and Goddesses. ~ Get to know me,I like making friends. * Don't be rude. - Don't message me trying to hit on me because I won't answer. If your going to message me please message me with a subject; I prefer speaking to people who have pictures of themselves(just rather see who I'm speaking to). Don't message me if you don't have anything to speak about or aren't willing to make a conversation flow, I don't have time to keep going with conversation that will go no where. ?Want to send me a gift? Just check my wishlist out. Thank you in advance! P.s. I don't do spells for anyone. I can teach but I won't do them for you. Thank you. Blessed Be.