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Name: wolfyromulus
Location: Burning in hell and enjoying it
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 15 Feb 2019
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Name: Wolfy


Race/ethnicity: Daikonian

Relationship status: Happily Taken, Long term by My Princess Rae333


Things I like to do: Read, write, fencing, making music, playing the piano, singing, and talking with friends

What I am working on currently: Energy dispersion.

What I have studied: Elemental magic, Demonology, Enochian, Healing, and Psionics, and Dragon magick.

Natural abilities: Autokinetics and silver tongue.


Mail me anytime, I hate having an empty mailbox, though please do not message me asking if I am a werewolf because I am not. Also No Flirting at all, if you do I will ask you to stop, if you do not then I will block you.

Put this on your profile if you agree:

God and Satan are dead now get over it

I'm on my own side

"There is always a little truth behind "just kidding",A little knowledge behind "I dont know",A little emotion behind "I dont care",A little pain behind every "Im okay" -Itami999's Profile