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Name: NewEnoch
Birthday: Feb 20 2001
Location: North-Western Hemisphere(USA!/Go South)
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Jun 2021
Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
I am a Omnist.
I have been practicing witchcraft for two and a half years.
I was raised Christian but it was clear early on that it wasn't for me.
My family doesn't know yet(eccept for my cousin and her fiancee).
I belive in nature spirits.
I am 16.
I don't even odd.
I'm good at history and science.
I love reading.
I am an artist.
Sexual orientation:Heterosexual
My Skills:
The basics,
Love magic,
and Lucid Dreaming.
I am learning:
Enochian magick(duh),
and Blood magick.
I am working on opening my Third Eye Chakra.
I had another account on here called xzavierh and it was in The Broom Closet and Black Cross.
If you message me please use proper grammar(spelling doesn't matter).
If you have any questions(or complaints) or just wanna be friends message me.
Blessed Be