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Hello, my name Summer. I have done only a few spells. I have a question that has always been circling my mind. This sounds strange, but I have always had a connection with wind and fire. When I sit around a campfire calm and collected it stays rather low and calm, however, when I let myself get excited (in any form of the word) it starts getting taller, larger, and rages more violently. Also, with the wind, when I sing and start feeling invincible and free and myself the wind picks up whether it be just a small breeze that was never there or violent wind that?s capable of taking your picnic off the ground and carrying it through the sky. I want to know the reason to this and if this is special in anyway shape or form. I am looking for a mentor so I can further myself in magic and hopefully excel. If you are a looking to be a mentor and really know what you are doing with magic then please talk to me. Thank you and, I hope whoever is reading this, have a good day.