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Your emotions may get the better of you. Do not force your opinions on others the connections will be short lived. Don't get involved in other people's private doings.
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Knowing's Profile

Member Info
Name: Knowing
Birthday: Jun 9 1996
Location: At a Greek wedding with Toula
Last Seen: Tue, 26 Dec 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio

The only way to lose power is to stop sharing knowledge, thus knowledge is power but sharing is life!

What's the purpose of experience when you don't dare to experience? In this world we're all about amounts, even when we're talking about experience, while in reality it's just about who is unaffraid to do what is necessary, do the job, whatever...


First off, Nilanda, if you're checking out my profile by any means, why did you delete your account? Now a fellow Greek can't talk to you anymore *sad face*.

If you're under-age, don't message me.

To the people who collect ethnicities as if they're pokmon-cards. You ain't Greek unless you're born one, Feel free to be jealous.

Also, I saw an account here who calls himself the "true disciple" of the "true follower of Satan", like what?

The same person who collects ethnicities for sport, right? The one - and a friend of hers - calling herself/themselves Greeks and not only do they not bother replying but they're hateful. Change that attitude!


Hey, I call myself "Knowing" as it is the only thing I practise. I'm a philosophist, with lots of people-knowledge, life-experiences and some gifts. I see the world in a different way and I've proven to many people that "different" doesn't necessarily mean "bad". I don't practise magic, I have my mind which is stronger than anything in the world. It'd be sufficient to say I believe we can do more... I'm all about positivity and I guess it can be nice to meet a positive person on here - once in a while at least.Thanks for stopping by!

At least I'm not one of those kids who worship Satan so they can hurt people who don't like them. lol

I forgot to add my favourite details, they also want to kill themselves... Say hi to Satan. Thanks! :P

Good luck with becoming a hybrid giraffe werewolf vampire pony with angel wings and scalps.


I will ONLY be inclined to reply to your mail if you DON'T:

  • Flirt with me
  • Spell out your words
  • Use an inappropriate"subject"
  • Use any sexuality as a subject
  • Use your sexuality as a means of messaging me
  • Want to debate who's lost more in their lives. Don't be gullible, this is no competition
  • Expect something "more" to come out of the conversations you're planning we'll have
  • Talk about your sexuality in the hopes we share the same one, perhaps have me 'try' a 'new' one ( I'm straight , GET OVER IT!)

I think it's only appropriate to mention I don't like to get hit on by gay dudes. In fact, I'm straight!

Since this appears to be a dating website (don't ask), I must warn girls I'm quite picky... I rather have something with girls I've known for a while, if not years... People my age by the way!

I might add, while I mostly value personality, I'm all about the looks too and mostly of how well you girls take care of yourself. How proud you appear (which has more to do with personality, again).

I like intellectual conversation. Small talk is okay (with people I've gotten more familiar with), but I crave people who can meet with me on an intellectual level and hold a conversation of such capacity.


Relationship: Single and looking

If you really must know what kinda girls interest me... Casual, normal-looking, good heart too (I'm not all about looks) and please, not taller or fatter than me.

Preferably living close, because what good is an internet-relationship?! To make matters worse, to have a relationship via site such as SOM.. lmao

At school

I have a degree in:

  • Electronics

I have studied 1 year at the university:

  • Psychology

I am now majoring in Teaching:

  • English
  • History

Note: School keeps me busy.

Unfortunately - unlike most people on here - I don't have over 10 ethnicities. I just have 3:

  1. Dutch
  2. Greek
  3. Spanish (the only language out of 3 that I can't speak)

Besides, I don't think you can have over 4... Sure, you can have ancestors from other places but what does it matter? It only matters as far as your grandparents go, right? If they're Greek/Spanish and Dutch in my case, then so are my parents, then so am I... Again, this is not a competition.


My Dream Career:

I'm writing a series of books, already with a spin-off but in the beginning they weren't meant to be books. I had written them as screenplays because it's my wish for the series to become a TV-Series. TV-Series have always fascinated me and still do. I'm never satisfied with movies, they're never enough...

Surely you get that my dream career holds 2 jobs:

  • Writer
  • Director

I'm also writing storylines for games, in the genre I like (MMORPGs). It'd be nice to direct my own projects, somehow...


More On What I practise

And I am constantly thinking - to this day - about everything I see... This is how I learn things and by getting enough stimulae from the environment I remember things I've thought before and that way I build up to a lot of knowledge. Basically I practise to see everything which results in more control over my life overall...


I won't warn you about the impossibilities of the real world because you should already be familiar with them. It won't help because it can't stop you from being stupid. Grow up and come to your senses! Cut the crap, end the act. Grow up!Otherwise, stay away!


I don't like diversity, not because it's not real but because people make it real and everyone just blindly mimics this behaviour, because that's what it really is as well as mimicing it. All people make a difference, splitting 1 thing into 2 halves, ignoring 1 half. That doesn't change the fact it's 1 thing, just saying... Because we ignore the missing half, we don't even realize we do this. It's become by far the most evident thing in our lives and so we slavishly mimic other people their defference-making as I call it.


If people truly believed in fate, people would believe they could see the future. Accept that they can, it'd be okay to see the future. People who CAN see the future often end up feeling guilty because they are prohibited of warning others something will happen. Let's use an example as simple as your car breaking down. You saw that you wouldn't get to your job in time but regardless, you can't tell your boss the day before... Let's not look at the fact he won't believe you but let's say he orders you to take the train or bus...

While in this example your boss doesn't believe in fate, he might in different occasions. Here he's ignoring the 'impossible-occasions' and thus saving people's lives using magic, seeing the future, having the ability to see the paranormal etc is ignored, has become subconscious and so he becomes a slave to what happens in such occasions.

When you don't get to work on time and explain the situation your boss will understand and he'll wish he would have known this before, so that he could be prepared because now he's got to do an important meeting on his own.

That's how the system works.

Of course I didn't explain lots of things so most people (on here at least) aren't going to get a thing from it.


Kids-having-kids aren't just weird, childish and/or immature. It's disgusting. Before you judge, it's a cultural thing. In Belgium you'll have to look far and wide to even find a 16 year old having a baby and when you do, they're not your average people. They're stupid, idiots and think that everything's fine, everything will fall into place just like that etc... The kind of people whose parents live off social assistance, get everything free and don't work. Don't feel offended, if you're not going to be hard on yourself, someone else has to! If you're 15 years old and already are pregnant, then it's the most normal thing people like me get angry at this... You don't work, you can't even stand on your own feet all by yourself and you're going to have a child?? Is this a sick joke?




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