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Garnet1991's Profile

Member Info
Name: Garnet1991
Birthday: Jan 2 1991
Location: Wollongong Nsw Australia
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Mar 2016
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Im in my late 20's, I have always had a connection with the astral world and the spirit realm. Ever since I can remember I have been interested in the word of white magic, never had a guide to show me. My parents were once part of a pagan coven when I was younger. I have always wanted to find one for myself that I can join that will help me exceed in the worlds of my two connections plus more. I have had an experience of connecting with my astral self and been one. It was a brief moment unintended and thrilling. I never felt so whole in my life. I have a way of feeling areas not seeing, the only time I've witnessed anything was when my husband and I were first dating I watched his aura which is red fuse with black. It was a sight to be hold. I am in need of help to safely open myself to the spirit world, I have been to,d I have the power to do this but to be cautious due to being vulnerable to be possessed with an evil or bad entity. I have created a mental block. I am able to contact with whom I let in but in the means of a controlled environment with a spirit board I control. Using what ever power I have to keep the intended in and others out. I have had times where in a open place with others who have dabbled in the world of magic, unwanted spirits have tried to come through which I controlled to stop and connect with Mother Nature to shake the feeling of those present so I would not be followed or welcome them in again. I have lost two men I have loved more then life. One my best friend who is always interfering with my electronics to get my attention. The other was my cousins best friend whom i had a connection to romantically and spirituality. I could always sense his presence before he came into the room, it was like a vibration. I get those still when I feel him around in the spirit world. Both these men were loves of my life's, much like my husband. But nothing will compare to that type of connection to the love I feel for my best friend,and my husband. Some times it is like they are one being. My best friend helped me on a path to find my husband, a man he approves of. My husband is my best friend in the living world. And was there when I lost my cousins best friend whom I did love still. My husband is my entire world and I do not know how I could ever survive without him. To some this seems impossible and far fetched, but I have always had ways of getting the messages I am needing answers for from the spiritual world. I am wanting to also connect with my astral being, and being able to astral travel. I am a mother of Turkish one cat named snape, and a puppy named Zuko. They are my darling babies.