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Name: mr.wicca7
Location: Wyoming
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This is me. Got any questions don't be afraid to ask. I will be contributing spells. I I also have a leg up on most people where i am also a clairvoyant, or i can see into the future without cards, a crystal ball, ect. I am also a telepathic(only with animals at the moment)and a telekintetic. In other words i can talk with my mind and control some random events.
I am a proud musician, and I play guitar, bass, piano and vocals. I am also in a band. I love music more then anything else and want to become a music teacher. And yes, in my pics, I have an ICP picture. I like them, even if you don't. The pic is of the six joker's cards. I drive a black 1978 Ford LTD II. I have a pic of it in my photos. I love meeting new people and making new friends. I'm single, and hating every second of it. Drop me a line if you wanna chat. I have CoD: Black Op's for the Wii, and although some ppl don't play it anymore cause of MW3, I still do like, every day. so if you wanna be allies there too, just send me your player code, or ask me for mine.
also the i am proud because i drew & colored the pic of the nurse. its my first good drawing since my accident.
I am a proud Wyoming-ite, because this is the where I inhibit at the moment. If you are also from Wyoming, please, by all means, message me. I have only ever met one wiccan from Wyoming on here. As far as I know, there are only like, 5 wiccans in wyo. Prove me wrong! Lol
Charlie the Unicorn can never be defeated
Shuuuunnnn the non-bealever!
Blessed be the way