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Name: SchuylerDawn
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My name is Schuuu, I?m 26
I?ve been practicing Wicca for 13 years now, although I?ve felt drawn to this path must earlier than that. I am a solitary eclectic. I?m very use to practicing my crafter alone however I?ve been able to branch out more recently with those who?ve expressed for Wicca.
I?m also a mother in which I use my intuition and practice, to show her she has her own power to manifest and connect with her inner goddess.
I also work with Hekate and Persephone frequently.
I practice -
? Divination (Tarot and Dowsing)
? Greek Mythology
? Herbalism
? Spirit Work
? Crystal Healing
To Learn and Improve -
? Sigils
? Herbalism
? Chakra
? Astral Projection
? Spell Casting
? Palmistry
?A little progress each day adds up to big results.?