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Name: RowanHawth
Birthday: May 5 1996
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Anything is possible. I'm on a site about magic, telling me that something is impossible won't do you any good whatsoever. So if you see me in a forum spouting something from my personal experience just remember that we probably lead fairly different lives and your path may be vastly different than mine. If you disagree with me, and it sincerely bothers you then feel free to message me to discuss it.
For anyone curious, my path is electic. I take what gives me results and I leave what does not. I prefer not to cast spells in the typical sense. Too much ceremony for my taste. I prefer using energy directly without the need for chants, candles, incense or anything else.
Seems like this is coming into conversation lately so I'll put it here. I'm not here for any type of romantic experiences. I'm married. I'm only here to learn and share information and maybe make friends with people in the same world as myself.