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Delta_Witch's Profile

Member Info
Name: Delta_Witch
Birthday: Dec 6 1997
Location: Midwest United Sates
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 11 Dec 2015
Membership: Member

Website: view

Personal Bio

Its me LauElder, Qlyzz_Danger, Lau_Elder, or Lau_Elder4

----------About Me-----------

My name is Lyza. Im 17. I have been researching and studying Wicca since October 2014. I am particularly interested in the properties of herbs and what they can offer. My other skills include drawing, music and languages. Next year I will start college and I plan to major in Music Industry Studies and Music Technology Engineering. I play Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet, Guitar, and Bass Guitar. I pick up languages relatively quickly. I studied Spanish for three and a half years and I am in the process of learning American Sign Language. I love punk rock music as well as ska, alternative, rock, ambient/easy listening stuff and contemporary jazz. My favorite bands include Panic! At The Disco, Less Than Jake, Rancid, Lilly Allen, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, Blink-182, Owl City, Port Blue, Windsor Airlift, Snarky Puppy, and The Youngblood Brass Band. I have a huge CD collection and I listen to all kinds of other stuff as well.

----------My Beliefs----------

I am a Wiccan. I believe everyone has great power within themselves. I believe everyone can become their own god/goddess because we all have the powers to create and destroy. I believe that after anything dies the spirit still walks the Earth to guide and help whomever they chose. As for the spirits of plants I believe that is the energy we channel when we cast spells.


Herbs/Plants I grow/harvest: (in case anyone has questions)

  • -Bergamot [Bee Balm]
  • -Bloodroot (Wild)
  • -Cat Grass [Oat Grass]
  • -Chamomile (German)
  • -Crab Apple
  • -Dandelion (Wild)
  • -Dogwood
  • -Echinacea [Purple Coneflower]
  • -Hawthorne
  • -Honeysuckle (Wild)
  • -Lavender
  • -Lungwort
  • -Maple (Sugar)
  • -Maple (Silver)
  • -Mugwort
  • -Pine
  • -Pineapple Sage
  • -Rose
  • -Sage
  • -Sassafras (Wild)
  • -Spearmint
  • -Stevia
  • -Violets (Wild)

I also have information on many other herbs/plants that I use in my BoS so feel free to ask if you have questions regarding herbs/plants not on this list.


I offer free tarot readings to anyone who wants one. If you are interested please see my other account Lau_Elder4 (You can find me through the Council of Knowledge coven page)

----------Pendulum Divination----------

I have recently started working with Pendulum Divination I have several categories of questions I can answer so if you would like a pendulum reading please shoot me a message. I will have more information on this coming soon.

Number of people on my waiting list: 0


  1. How reliable is my intuition at this moment?
  2. I usually eat too little _______
  3. I usually eat too much _______
  4. What food do I eat too little of?
  5. What food should I be more moderate with?
  6. Which vitamins do I lack?
  7. Which minerals do I lack?
  8. What am I allergic to?
  9. What kind of taste suits me best?
  10. What kind of taste should I avoid?
  11. What kind of diet (or nutrition) suits me best?
  12. What kind of diet (or nutrition) should I avoid?
  13. On which lifestyle habits should I focus?
  14. What is the reason for my stress?
  15. What kind of beauty care should I focus on?
  16. Which regular body care treatments are right for me?
  17. What kind of cleansing suits me best?
  18. On which mental/phychological areas should I concentrate?
  19. On which physical areas should I concentrate?
  20. What kind of pain/infection should I focus on overcoming?
  21. What physical conditions should I focus on overcoming?
  22. Where in my body is the most important cause of my illness/suffering? (2-Part)
  23. What important physical factor is the cause of my illness/suffering?
  24. What important mental factor is the cause of my illness/suffering?
  25. My (poor) condition is, among other things, influenced by what?
  26. To what substances am I allergic?
  27. To which kind of substances/circumstances am I allergic?
  28. Which of my seven chakras is blocked or should be cleansed, and how much?
  29. Which of my seven chakras is dominant, and by how much?
  30. Which of my main meridians is blocked?
  31. What attitudes are involved with my chakra/meridian blockage?
  32. What nutritional suppliments should I take?
  33. What antioxidants should I take?
  34. What cell salts should I take?
  35. What medicinal herbs should I use? (4-part)
  36. Which essential oil is most useful to me? (4-part)
  37. Which Bach flowers should I use? (2-part)
  38. What stones, crystals, or minerals are of gretest use to me? (4-part)
  39. Which metal is of greatest use to me?
  40. Which metal should I avoid?
  41. What incense should I use? (2-Part)
  42. Which bright color influences me in a positive way?
  43. Which bright color should I avoid?
  44. Which pastel color influences me in a positive way?
  45. Which pastel color should I avoid?
  46. Which form of meditation suits me best?
  47. Which form of alternative medical treatment will work best for me?
  48. Which therapy or medical treatment will give me the most vitality?
  49. What unconsious issues are determining my life?
  50. Which guiding principle is particularly important to me today?
  51. What matter/s should I particularly concentrate on today?
  52. How can I make changes to the most important things in my life?
  53. What is preventing me from reaching my goal?
  54. What staement most inpedes my inner growth and spirituality?

Pendulums I work with:

Human Greed and Abandonment Pendulum (Rated accurate 1/1 times)

  • Made from A key that was in the ignition of a lawnmower found stolen, stripped and abandonned in the woods, a bull's head bead, and blue hemp cord.

Jamacain Energy Pendulum (Coming Soon)

  • Made from a shell and coral found on the beach an Jamaica, and blue hemp cord.

Unknown/Untold Stories Pendulum (Coming Soon)

  • Made from a key purchased at a garage sale of unknown origins, a bull skull bead, and hemp cord


I am currently researching astrological signs, planets and their correspondences. I go by the 13 star sign system which includes the house of Ophiuchus, the serpent handler, in between Scorpio and Sagittarius. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message. :)


My photos are public

SilverHelix is my BFFL so be nice. :) <3



I'm very friendly and I'd love to hear from you. BUT

  • I cannot help you time travel (Can't be done)
  • I don't do sex spells
  • I don't do love spells
  • don't ask me to be your friend unless we've gotten to know each other
  • I cannot make you half dragon (Not real)
  • I cannot give you Pyrokinesis (Not real)
  • I cannot help you communicate with animals (Not real)
  • I will not help you summon a wolf
  • I will not help you summon a bee (why?)
  • I cannot help you change gender (That requires actual surgery)

This list was made from actual requests. If you ask for ANY of the things on this list or just message me for the first time ever and say, Hey, can we be friends? The answer will be no

Pendulum Waiting List

1- Valentia_25

2- Valentia_25

3- Valentia_25