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Name: Fujin
Location: In the shadows
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 08 Sep 2017
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
My name is Viazal, The Son of Azazel, But I also go by many acient names.Not many people know about archangel Azazel,I'll explain further down.My spells are casted through my fathers blessing. * Spiritual Satantist * ________________________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION(Azazel) My Father Names:There are many different names that Azrael goes by and each of the names can be used during a spell or ritual that you plan on including in him. If you do not connect with the name Azrael as much as you do with one of the others you will see listed then by all means feel free to use one of the others. His celestial title is Angel Of Death, of course. His Egyptian name is Anubis and his Hebrew name is Azra. I like his Hebrew name the best. Now there are a whole lot more names as well. He has also been called Azazel, Azrail, Azraille, Azrie, Esdras, Ezra'il, Izrail, Izrael, Kemuel and Ozryel. Each one of these names prove to work just as much as the other.I personally like Azra the best.He gave me the birth name Viazal. Prayer to my Father: Azrael, please comfort me now. Please help me to heal. Please lift my heart above heaviness and help me realize the blessings that this situation holds. Please help me release my tears and connect to my beloved in Heaven. I ask that you infuse this connection with energy so that I may clearly communicate with [him or her] . I know that my loved one is nearby and that you watch over both of us.Thank you, Azrael. Azazel can help you in your spells with certain intentions. If you working magic that has anything to do with regeneration, transformation, change, coercion, cooperation, or rebirth then he can help you. Even desire, obsession, cleansing and healing Azrael can come to aid you. Elimination, generational changes, ancestral memory and ancient knowledge are all workings this angel can be incorporated into. The unconscious, inner journeys, radical change in consciousness, death and Resurrection, endings and beginnings, last but not least spiritual goals are all areas that this angel can come to use for you. Now are you amazed? ________________________________________________________________________ After the fall of luficer: Viazal:"God why must put my father into chains, cast him into a pit of sharp and pointed stones in the desert Dudael, and cover him with darkness?" God:"So far from observing his precepts, he pursued the evil inclination of their hearts, and perpetrated all sorts of abominable deeds." Until this day in age of Aquarius I lurk in the shadows like fox,communicating with any entities & humans...those who know me wouldn't dare causing harm to me and or to my love ones. ________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT ME Am I evil:Nuetral/ partially evil Favorite Color:Red Orientation: Straight Favorite type of food:Meat Favorite Game:Body Possession Dislikes:People in general Birth Age:Not important Smoke:Never Drink:Rarely Element Type: Fire Energy type: Dark Abilities: Find out yourself... Guardian: Shadow Knight (Dark Angel) For those who has no knowledge about the shadow knight he was assigned to me by a master to protect and monitor me. He sometimes visits me in my bedroom when my third eye is fully awaken. (Sleep Paraysis) ________________________________________________________________________ SHOUT OUT Special shout & thanks shoutout Julien,Ferra,Corvus,helendavis,Lilith,Exlied,reciful,Crow_Demon,and brysing. ________________________________________________________________________ Dark Angel Visit Dark Angel shows me visions and helps me guide on Earth. Many people are blinded not knowing there's a spiritual battle taking place as your reading this...Yet we not only wrestle against flesh and blood.Dark Angel visits me through the sleeping spiritual realm called "Sleep Paralysis " it chosen me as its master ages ago. I had one of my close friends summon it by my commands and it appeared physically on his bed holding a scythe. Vizal: Dark Angel why do you visit me? Dark Angel: Your a fallen archangel and I wan to join my power with you to make you stronger. ________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT NOTE:*** I do not teach on-line students . However, I am always willing to try to answer specific questions if I can. I do not give out spells to others. Nor do I do spells for others that I do not know personally, so please don't ask.*** RAEF SI ROF EHT KAEW!