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Name: NDJamison
Birthday: Nov 18 1969
Location: King Hill, Idaho
Gender: Female
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Greetings All! I am a 22+ year practitioner of eclectic Gray Witchcraft and have been primarily solitary. I'm 46 years young, live on a 500+ acre ranch on the wide open prairies of Idaho with the love my life, Dave (68), my 6 kitties Ivy (2.5), Deigo (3), Lilly (5.5), Junie (9 months), Rosie (3 months) and Little Jo (7 weeks), the newest baby. We have a beautiful veggie garden loaded with all sorts of goodies, fruit and nut trees (hold the laughter!), huge shade trees and a 1/2 mile long lane off of the road so we're pretty isolated. I weigh trucks for a living and my Love works in the fields managing irrigation. We have only a handful of friends, they're good ones and we like it that way (less drama). Dave and I have been together for 3 years (June 9th was our 3 year anniversary) and his 3 daughters and my two boy are full grown and doing fine. He is semi-retired from running his own industrial demo business and I'm the same from medical insurance/billing. We love the simple life and by being so remote, I can practice the Craft at will with no "lookie-loos", threats or being run out of town. ;) Dave is in full support of my lifestyle and is actually asking more questions and wanting to be more involved as our relationship continues. I have my own Face Book page that I basically inherited from the originator called, "Wiccans, Witches and Pagans of Idaho". We're still small but gaining a healthy reputation as time goes on. I'm not looking for Priesthood status at this time but I do have the education to help others who are seeking information. I consider myself to have achieved '3rd degree status' and wear a pendant that states such. I don't wear it to show off, it's just a happy reminder that most of the time I do know what I'm talking about! :) I've met some wonderful Witches and I've met some really nasty ones so I'm hoping that I can find some lovely individuals who can be classified as the first. As far as my personality goes, I'm a goof in my 'natural state'. I love comedy, laughing, kissing my Honey, playing with my little fuzzies (especially the babies), I cook, I read, I write, I'm more or less a home-body unless I'm working or going into town to shop. Oh and our town only consists of 700 people so you can imagine the itty-bitty stores we have there. I think that gives it a much more personal experience. I am excited to potentially find a group/coven, even if it's online, to be part of, participate/work with and get to know. I'll be here and looking for friends!! Goddess Bless, Nikki~