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Name: Lady.Trampet
Birthday: Sep 25 1993
Location: Philippines
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 16 Jan 2016
Membership: Member

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Former Account: cassell (Contributor) Hello. Merry meet. I've been studying occultism and the secret behind the true sight and the so-called "third eye" for eight years. And I found out its essence, that there's more to it. To see things, hear them, feel them, smell them, well, these are just the basics. Everyone is born with the so-called sixth sense and everyone is linked to occultism since birth or before that. Every country has their own teachings regarding the so-called "sixth sense." Many people don't believe in it without knowing that like other people, they have it too. Many people went overseas just to make it activated, they made themselves be part of a group that will help them activate it or might joined a seminar that will teach them on how to activate it or open it step by step of course not for free. Well, I found out that its activation can also be obtained from an object. Science and magick both have distinctive explanation about the things that are seen by naked eye and unseen one as well. They both proved that something unseen by naked eye existed, of course in a different manner or ways too. I had my first tarot deck four years ago, I've experienced to give readings to many people and as time went by I learned how to give reading without using the deck itself but it doesn't mean that I don't consult them. My tarot deck is precious to me, it's my treasure. Well, while using my deck for years, I am also learning. I've learned that these 78 cards are keys and there's more to it. Yeah, it's not only for divination because it can also hurt and can be used to do things beyond that. Well, the accuracy of the reading depends on the completeness of the cards, meaning the accuracy of the information that you can divine through it can be affected if your deck is incomplete. I'm still not good, I can admit that. Well, learning for me doesn't confine in just one thing, topic or book that's why I am an aeclectic. I love learning and I want to learn more. I also believe in so-called "akashic records" but I believe that accessing those unseen magical books and items is a very difficult thing to do because each of it has password-like thingy that you should know first before you can obtain the knowledge that you seek for. Spirit guides are also helpful but the best part of having them on your side is that they tell you what to do to become invincible, intelligent and clever in all things. They let you use their abilities to create changes. Well, I am gay and like others I also seek love and friendship as well. I am glad to meet anyone here. I also look for a mentor too, who can teach me things and guide me as well. You can message me if you have questions about me or anything and I will be happy to extend my hand for you in the best way I can . . . Blessed be!