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Name: mos
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In an ongoing spiritual search.
A Rosicrucian Student
A member of some Esoteric Organizations.
A student of life,always learning,knowing that I do not know half of what my ego thinks that I do.
Studying Quabala,Tarot,Hinduism,Gypsy,and Perennial philosophy and my path of Traditional Witchcraft.
My path is pre-wiccan,and traces witchcraft from the gypsy's and traces how it followed them as they traveled since they left India
and took it every where in the world.They were the spreaders of the Perennial philosophy,and though witchcraft is no longer just Gypsy based, it has flowered to fit the world,but it is all traceable through religion.myths,and worldwide tales that all folks can relate to.
The more I search,the more I realize how spiritually blind I am.
If it is not spiritual,it is not practical.