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Name: DawnMaiden
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*I once went by SullenMoon, Sullenmoon, and LunarGoddess. This is my new account. :) Blessings and welcome, My name is Stacie and I have been wandering the Path of the Wise on and off for a decade of my life. I am currently 21 years old; I may be young, but I am passionate about my spiritual journey here on Earth. Witchcraft is my natural calling. I've always been attracted to the unexplained mysteries of life. My true spiritual journey started at the tender age of four, due to my first Spirit Guide manifestations that continue to follow me now. My Spirit Guide and Power Animal is Bat. My colors are blue and green. I'm an Aries at heart in the cusp of Gemini with the Life Path number of 5. Currently, I'm stuyding Hedge Witchcraft and Shamanism. I once considered myself to belong to the Wiccan faith, but I do not agree with labeling myself anymore. Consider me as "unlabeled". I've been an on/off member of SoM for seven years. Besides the chaos, I'm glad to be a part of this community. :) Here is a list of topics that I have knowledge in: 1) The Basics 2) Tarot/Oracle Cards (I'm improving!) 3) Astral Projection 4) Dream Magick 5) Numerology (basics only) 6) Blood Magick 7) The Fae 8) Shamanism 9) Hedge Witchcraft 10)Pendulums/Ouija Boards/Scrying mirrors 11)Spirit Guides/Totem Animals If you want to talk about any of these, feel free to message me. I'm very open-minded and I like to hear from different perspectives. I'm a very intellectual person when it comes to conversations; I like to discuss things that are unexplained, mysterious, and meaningful. I am in love with the moon and night. I am a nocturnal witch by heart. There is a lot more I have to say, but I won't keep you here much longer. One last thing: PLEASE refrain from messaging me anything if your message is flirtatious, sexual, or completely unrelated to the Craft. I have been dating my lover and best friend for a year and four months. I am not looking. I am also not here for sexual conversations. I am here to learn and to converse with like-minded people about something I adore and am passionate about. If you read all the way until here, thank you! Blessings and have a nice day. :)