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hello, here is a little about me I work with crystals, and do divination using a variety of techniques including but certainly not limited to tarot,runes,scrying,pendulums,tea cup readings, and im working on many more, i also am practicing astral projection,energy healing,energy work,chakra work, certain spells,aura work. I am currently working on altered states, and traditional witchcraft, Im working on getting more shamanistic in a nature. I have a plethora of information about herbs, especially when used for trance like states. i do not each about herbs for trance like states, if i ask a question its to learn more, I believe as a community, we can learn from each other, and we owe it to ourselves to learn. If anyone has had a problem with me in the past, I assure you I won't be talking heavily about my herbal practices again, unless its less harmful herbs. however I would like to point out that with any herb, you need to know what your doing, not just the "dangerous" ones. if you use mugwort, you need to know that even touching it can be harmful for a baby that has not yet been born, or that slippery elm tea, while it may be good for your bowels, and your stomach, it will also result in an aborted fetus. you need to know these things, i need to know these things, we all need to. i felt as though i should ask, its not anything witches (even young ones) won't end up reading about on youtube or in old books of shadows. Its not anything that anyone with access to the internet cannot find. if anything we should be educating the youngsters about whats safe and what isn't. WE ARE ALL PRACTICING, WE ALL HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. grow up?. this isn't directed at any one or group of individuals, i talked to a mod ( thank you by the way your awesome) and i did nothing wrong. HERE IS WHAT I BELIEVE. We as witches, have never been accepted into society, we've been feared, looked down upon, ridiculed, even back in the day before christianity, when the wise women were around and well, and not having to hide, we were still feared, we were respected, yes but feared. We are the visionaries, seers, mystics, psychics, mediums,shamans,etc. we work with countless deities, and spirits. yes we heal people, yes we cleanse, yes we lift curses. However we are also DARK we are dark as can be, we are the ones screaming in the forest looking up at the moon on a full moon, we are the ones who curse, hex , and spin lives into ruins with our carefully laid out webs.. we are the ones, who use herbs for spirit flight, we are the ones who are initiated into this esoteric lifestyle, wether by self or by group, we are the ones who for some, renounce all religion before entering witchcraft, as to enter with a free mind, we are the ones who talk, to the dead and invite them to be with us, we are the ones who pick up bones for divinatory rites, and make houses for the spirits. we are the ones who speak through skulls to curse and hex. we are not all love and light?? I AM NOT ALL LOVE AND LIGHT. we are the unknown, we are the free, we are the unwritten, we are the faces of uncertainty, we are love, we are light, we are dark, we are the ying and we are the yang we are heads, and we are tails. i just feel like its time to own it.