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Name: CrystalFaye7
Location: Midguard
Gender: Female
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I'm pretty new, not to magic, to this site, I've been on and off with magic for over two years now. Right now I'm practicing steadily again. I honestly don't know what my "specialties" are, and I have many areas of study. But I really like; - Sygil Craft - Demonology (learning about it) not summoning - Legend/Spell Craft -Mythology And many more, message me if you like, we can chat We can talk about beliefs, I'm open minded. And I pass judgment on none except those who I don't like I'm friendly. Wanna be friends forever? Mkay. I believe... Huh... I basically am too open minded so I believe in most things. Actually, I can't think of anything I don't believe in... Oh wait, (sorry satanists) but I don't believe Satan is supreme lord. Does he excist? DUH. Of course Satan exists I would categorize me religion as polytheism for lack of a better word. Like I said I believe in everything I like to draw, write, sing,sleep, and Netflix... Oh and food Also I'm a light gray witch, I believe its okay to use black magic on occassion. Not much of it just a bit here or there or when needed. I mean there really is no "white or black magic" it all depends on your intent. I think anyway. Peace, longevity, and love -Crystal