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No creeps you know who you are. I'm an empath who focuses on spirit and demonatra based magicks as well as vestage. I'm more then willing to answer questions but no your not going to become a vampire or a werewolf or and I'm upset I even have to say this it should be obvious. Have an inappropriate intercourse based relationship with ethereal beings. Ghosts are suffering constant;ly both from being out of their body and the stresses that causes and from what are effective constant PTSD attacks because living beings aren't made to remember dying. A vast majority of spirits brains aren't wired for.....that and it doesn't even occur to them and if offered would likely sicken them. while uniquely possible with a demon that doesn't mean any demon strong enough to touch you in such a way would either be pretty nor exceptionally kind generally performing to outright kill you and eat your soul.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Because I am certain someone is asking why I put this in my bio to begin with someone with a cake based desert in their handle had the gall to ask a professional about what is actually the idea behind an actually ICP song called in my room. in this a man falls for a ghost chick and goes mental when she leaves. They said they lust for one another etc. I am too tactful to reveal names but i truly wish to squash any idea that this is possible that occurred in your head after reading 50 shades of grey or twilight. If you believe this is happening consult mental help or consider you are dealing with an entity that isn't what it claims perhaps a succubus feeding off your sexual energy and potentially slowly killing you. point is love and lust are reserved for the living stop coming to professionals who treat their craft as a religion with your fan fiction. its the exact same as going to a christian drunk with a bucket of water and demanding they change the water to wine. Not only is it deeply insulting but it is sacrilegious and plain childhood stupidity. The same goes for changing your human physical body into a vampire werewolf or other gender. my heart does go out to those with gender dysphoria though and I truly hope you get the help you deserve and need magick just inst your answer I'm sorry and I hope you the best. even if you could transform into a werewolf what part of having no control over your body for extended periods of time onslaught those closest to you and knowing it was all your fault, and likely worse of all having to digest bits of human bone in your very human stomach and having to pass that as it cuts you up on the inside. What part of that sounds pleasant or enjoyable to you? oh and for those of you thinking werewolf like twilight you make me laugh if magick could transform you into a were wolf it would be the one with thousands of years of fear and superstition not the one a drunk woman wrote to make teenagers happy. Same goes the vampires lets see. Never be able to see friends or family for fear you would kill them check, your presence causes misfortune check, food no longer edible and garlic makes your skin burn check need I continue or do you see that this is an overall horrible idea yet?