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Name: blueghoul
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I've been gone a long time for a lot of reasons. Those don't matter what matters is why I'm back. I've essentially gone through several crisis moments this year. I've lost 5 people in 2021 all family and all for reasons unrelated to the rona.
I know a lot of you are going through similar. Take strength from your faith and the love of those around you. You aren't weak or lesser for needing that help. We all need if not shoulders then at least systems we can rely on.
If any of you care I essentially worship spirits. NOT GHOSTS! Spirits. For some reason the 2 get confused when they really shouldn't. Ghosts are the tattered remains of a person's energies left when someone dies. Spirits are ancient entities tied to objects places and affinities. In the most simplistic terms. I practice with circles, chants, spell binding, enchantment, channeling, and contracts. I am experienced personally with demonic entities of both the enlightened and unenlightened kinds. I am not however booksmart on this subject. I practice in a Grey fashion but cannot curse not from lack of knowledge I simply cannot sustain the true anger and hatred needed to properly place a hex or curse so do not ask.
I'm friendly...and because it needs to be mentioned taken no unsolicited offers of romance please. However if you wanna talk shop about Magick I'm always happy to learn of other paths and I love to teach some of my hard fought knowledge freely. I'm also always looking for friends and am eager to meet anyone interesting feel free to shoot me a msg.