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---Using and Reading Auras--- (I have a white base, how boring) ---Magic for Harmony--- --Bipolar-- ---Neutral Between Black and White Magic--- --Just another Witch-- How I Read: I generally look at the subject head on. I'm not very successful with photos, usually there has been color changing. I let my eyes drift, almost as if I'm preparing to go to sleep? I allow my eyes to relax quite a bit, and I gaze at the subject. After a while the different layers will come out, but I will usually end up paying the most attention to their base color; the base color will reflect some of their attributes and weaknesses, etc. It is easiest to see the aura of a subject that meditates and/or takes care of themselves. You can also see your own by a mirror in a dim room or by looking for aura traces on your hand. The aura comes in different auras, each relating to different chakras and different levels of "care". Ultimately, you will have the base, the aura color that is always present no matter their physical situation or emotion. This has been a little word about auras and how I read.