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Name: kimmiif
Location: Bridgend, Wales
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 31 Mar 2015

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I'm 17 years old and have been intrigued by the psychic abilities from a very young age. I am also intrigued by witchcraft spells. I have random, pointless and very rare dreams which are often of me walking in a particular place which I've never been to before then a few months or maybe years later I go to that place and realise that there is an important reason for me being at that place! its so interesting to me and i get excited by it. For example, I had these repetitive dreams of the exact same thing and the exact same place and months maybe years later I go there.

I once had a re-occurring dream of a shopping centre and years later there I am in that shopping centre looking for an engagement ring!!

I also had a dream not so long ago (maybe 6-8 weeks ago) that I was sitting on a wall waiting for a train and there were buildings in the distance and a post office nearby. the other week I went to that place waiting for a bus home, I sat on the same ledge and looked over at the buildings as I did in my dream. I found out that there was a train station just behind the bus stop and the post office was arround the corner from the bus stop. I was so amazed! Also I can often feel a presence and have had some paranormal experiences. When I was about 10 years old, me and my mum were watching the tv as a usual Saturday night. the tv would turn off at exactly 10pm every night and it had no timer set on it... another time, me and my mum were watching tv and I had to close the back window curtains. our garden is on a slant and has millions of steps so it would be hard for someone to run up them as fast but I saw a skinny bony face in the window and that scared me like mad! I hid behind the sofa shaking and crying as I was only about 10 and I looked back up and it disappeared... my mum told me not to be silly and that there's nothing there.. she obviously didn't see anything but I did.

also before that I had a dream that I remember to this day about some skelenton face scaring me with glowing green eyes and in the dream I was huddled into the corner of my bunk bed. I often wake myself up screaming but its a quiet scream.. as if I'm trying to scream for help but my lungs or voice isn't powerful enough. I have re-occurring dreams of people kidnapping me or grabbing me in dark lanes. I've had no real life experience of this but I just hope it doesn't happen in real life. I can feel if someone is watching me. other paranormal activities include when I was about 11 I stayed in a surpossedly haunted hotel with my school for a weekend trip. we were about to go out for a bbq when we were showering and my friends deodorant bottle which was right at the back of a long table flew off onto the floor. another time was when I was sleeping in my bunk bed. I felt a constant tapping on my shoulder as if someone was tapping my shoulder with their hand. assuming it was my younger brother, I said "jack go away its five in the morning!". I was about 14 then and the tapping stopped for quite a few minutes after I had said that so I calmly dozed off again. I was woken a second time by the same tapping so, getting annoyed with my brother, I turned around and yelled "get to bed!" but no one was there and my brothers bedroom is right across the hall so he would have had to run across and the weight that he is, and the loud floor we have, I would have heard him run across the landing. plus to get to where I was sleeping, he would have had to get back down the metal ladder so fast. no one was there... another time I was dozing off in bed and that's when I hear a little girls voice. she sounded young, about 5 years old I would say.. but I heard her count to 5 giggling... I must have been about 7 years old. I was so petrified of this voice, I hid under my blanket until I dozed off to sleep. Another experience I had was when I was casually watching Jeremy Kyle like any normal afternoon when all the cds and dvds flew from the dvd rack (they were put in there really safe and tight) they all flew onto me, hitting my head. I leaped up and went to the other chair and my whole family witnessed it. my stepdad was like "what the..?" and my family calls the spirit "Harold".. I have no idea why but I personally think its the girl from the voice I heard and the name Emily springs to my mind.... I love sharing my experiences I find it interesting plus I enjoy reading other peoples paranormal experiences. I am in love with Demi Lovato (she's an actress and singer) and have suffered with depression and sh for 2 years but slowly recoverring! I have never had drugs or smoke

I gave up drinking as well :) yay me x anyways lets stop blabbing on lol


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