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Name: Duanebarbosa
Birthday: Aug 8 1997
Location: telangana, India
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 25 Jun 2019
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Hey!!! Guys if u want to know anything about me just ask me as i am an open book.
If any of u would like to reach me then come on kik my username is Darkflame08.
I'm not casting any spells for anyone nor do I want any person casting spells for me or against me as if u do then prepare to suffer*
My pics obviously are public so if you wish to see then you can
(Disclaimer: I'm a writer so I have written couple of made up stories in my blog which is in my Blogger account. The link is in my website option I've added here. If you would wanna read it then do check with the link and stories and I will accept any feedback)
Sex: male
Star sign: Leo
Identity: Witch* warlock
Goal:to learn more and teach more. As there is always many thing to learn in witchcraft. Looking for a teacher.
Chinese zodiac: Ox
Gift: Second sight or Insight
Animal: Wolf
Songs: all types except metal and screamo
Type of people i'm crazy for:witches,goths,redhead and blondes
Well anyway if anyone wants to be my friend just mail me il try my best to reply ASAP
On a serious note: When we are talking about magic i'm very serious. i will bear no ill will or jokes against witchcraft or magic.
If anyone has any information about solomon magic please tell me..
Thank u for reading my bio
~Blessed be~