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Name: RavenAkWitch
Location: Alaska
Gender: Female
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My name is Raven, i am transgender and proud and i am a Witch and Proud! i never had any one teach me spells, potions, enchantments etc. i want a teacher. or be in a group. i am ready to learn want to learn all kinds of magick. dark, light, and everything in between. i would mostly do light,good magick. but if i learn the dark arts i could keep some sort of balance and with my knowledge i could use it to protect myself and people i care about from evil spirits and people. ideally i wanted to be a white witch like my grandmother, and do good. but i feel like some sort of balance needs to take place so i guess i just want to be powerful. (who doesn't?) when i first started witchcraft, the craft, magick what ever you call it. at first it was soo much fun. that powers i notice i had were awesome. control the weather, water, wind/air what ever you want to call it. my family has a strong connection with spirits/ghost/lost souls. maybe necromancy runs in my family. my family won't admit it but i know their witches. once i could prove it to them i want to help them learn about their powers and how and what to do with them......first i got to learn myself. i want to learn as much as i can. and please don't get offended when i say witch, i'm mostly talking about myself. i love the name witch. i feel empowered it just feels right for me.