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Name: Juliet16
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m new to this site I don't know much about Wicca or witchcraft I've always been interested in it particularly the luck, love, and binding spells (idk if they work or not..) I've attempted spells several Times with no avail but I still have faith that Rhone day I will be able to successfully cast. i also don't know the proper way to cast spells or give thanks to the goddesses. Another area that interests me Is demonology and the astrology aspect and astral projection. Astral projection is what got interested in Wicca witchcraft because I had crazy real dreams where I was out of my body and I started looking it up online and found others like me. I guess I had been doing astral projection on my own by accident. I don't hardly ever try to do it on purpose I'm quite comfortable only doing it when I guess my mind needs or wants to. I'd like to learn more on how to control it or stop it totally if need be. I just want to learn and explore.